Saturday, October 13, 2007

Can Diet Help Yeast Infection in Man?

So many people are busy dieting to lose weight. There is so much pressure from all over to achieve that perfect, thin body. Losing weight is good if you are overweight, but there are many better reasons to be careful about what you put in your mouth. There is so much poison out there today, masquerading as food and unsuspecting consumers just keep consuming...Today, though, I'm not even going to go on about food coloring and artificial flavorings which are poison to our systems. I'm going to tell you that what you eat or don't eat may prevent yeast infection in man!

It's really hard to put down certain foods. Especially foods that have flour and sugar in them. Sugar is definitely addictive and very hard to eliminate from the diet. But, what if I tell you that this could mean the difference in eliminating yeast infection symptom in man?

A yeast infection diet is a diet without sugar because sugar helps a penile yeast infection (and any other yeast infection) thrive. So, drop the doughnuts, stop the soda and can the cookies!!! That is, unless you like having irritation, burning and discharge from your penis.

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Isaac said...

As soon as the number increase beyond the shelter can hold, the PENILE YEAST INFECTIONS fungi trace another delicate fresh your shaft and hurriedly, they get down to work. At this juncture the pain you feel plus the itch and disgusting white and thin discharge is driving you nuts.

Anonymous said...

Yeast infections usually develop in the damp or moist areas of the human body. Their symptoms appear beneath the skin folds, lower parts of the abdomen, finger nails, and vagina and around the dentures. They become more common with age. Yeast infections normally affect the vaginal area and causes irritation and burning. They are chronic infections that recur frequently. You need a tested and proven medicine in order to prevent its attack again.

There are many treatment options available for yeast or Candida infection. Antifungal medicines are used to cure vaginal yeast infections. They are available in the form of creams or ointments. You can directly insert them into the vagina. If your male sex partner does not show any signs of yeast infection then treatment of your sex partner is not necessary. However, if there are symptoms of infection, your spouse or sex partner have to be treated with antifungal ointments or creams. There are many medicines available at medical stores or pharmacies. But you must not use them without consulting a good doctor. It may be harmful for you to use them on your own. This is especially recommended if you have contracted the disease for the first time or if you are pregnant. The symptoms of the infection may reappear if you do not use a tested or result oriented ointment or cream. You have to use creams from two weeks to six months or as recommended by your doctor. If irritation reappears during the cure you have to stop the medicine.

The way to get rid of a yeast infection is to use over-the-counter lotions or creams that are manufactured to kill this fungus and put your vaginal ambiance back to normal again. Repetitively used products include fungicides, all of which are available at your local pharmacy.

In case the infection develops into more serious and systematic disease, certain strong fungicides are recommended by doctors. Vaginal or oral yogurt is used for the treatment of yeast infection in women. If you make yogurt a vital part of your everyday diet, it can be helpful for you. Yogurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus that can reduce the recurrence of Candida infection.

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